Courtesy of NBC

Donald Glover has signed on to create a new comedy series.

The epic actor/rapper will hang up his Letterman Jacket in the hit TV series ‘Community’ after just five episodes in the upcoming season. After a short break he will return to television in a TV show he created.

Glover will be the Executive Producer of the new series, and he will also write and play the lead. Titled ‘Atlanta,’ the show is set on the Atlanta music scene, where he will play an up-and-coming rapper on the scene. The series is expected to be similar to Watsky’s Making An Album web series, which recently ended it’s second and final season on YouTube’s ‘Loud’ channel.

Glover, whose rap name is Childish Gambino, grew up in Atlanta, so fans will expect to see a biographical element in the series as well.

This isn’t Glover’s first foray into writing either. Glover got his start as a writer on hit NBC series ’30 Rock’ before landing his breakout acting role in Community. He has also headlined two comedy specials, and has a successful career as a critically acclaimed rapper.

The FX Netowork has a history flexibility when it comes to developing new comedy series’. Comedian Louis CK developed his series ‘Louie’ there partly because they showed flexibility with his schedule; and because they afforded him the freedom to take the show in any direction he wanted to. This likely played a role in Glover’s decision to take the series to FX despite interest from other networks.