Lance Bass is about to marry his partner Michael Turchin.

It seems August was a busy month for Lance Bass. After reuniting with his boy (man?) band *NSync for all of 30 seconds at last week’s MTV Video Music Awards, the singer has now announced that he is engaged to his boyfriend.

Bass went down on one knee and presented a black diamond wedding band before popping the question to Turchin, who he has been dating since late 2011, in New Orleans. He also proved his romantic credentials before proposing, by asking his future husband’s parents for permission in advance. However, he did it with a modern twist by asking for permission via text.

Bass tweeted the news, and shared a photo of the couple (and the ring) on instagram:

Turchin was also quick to share his joy at his new status:

Bass ‘came out of the closet’ four years after *NSync disbanded, in 2006; and has been previously linked to ‘Amazing Race’ star Reichen Lehmkuhl and Brazillian model Pedro Andrade.

The Mississippi native pursued astronaut training after leaving *NSync, before settling into a role as host of a popular Sirius XM satellite radio show.

Our congratulations to the newly minted Bass-Turchins family.

Watch the music video for *NSync’s ‘It’s Gonna Be Me’ below: