One of the most shocking stories in the entertainment industry this year is Harvey Weinstein and the sexual harassment claims against him. For many years, Harvey Weinstein was one of the leading producers in the entertainment industry. Not only was he well-known in the entertainment field, but he was heavily involved in various political campaigns.

There are many prominent people who have spoken out against him in recent days. These people range from Hillary Clinton to various actors. Although he has not been convicted of anything yet, there are many people who believe that the allegations are true. With the allegations coming from so many different females, it is difficult to see how he avoids prosecution.

Early Life

Harvey Weinstein has had a great career in the entertainment industry until recently. When he first started out, he had to work hard in order to get his first acting job. Although he was good at acting, he really wanted to focus on producing for his career.

The first few shows that he worked on were not major successes. However, he was able to work as a producer on several movies that went on to be very successful. From this success, he was able to build a large network of people to help him in his career.

Harassment Claims

When the harassment claims first came out against Harvey Weinstein, there were many people who were shocked. However, in a short period of time, dozens of people came forward to tell their stories from their time interacting with him.

It appears that many people knew about Harvey Weinstein and his harassment issues. Now many people are wondering why there were so many people who stay silent on this issue. It will be interesting to see how many more people come forward in the next few weeks.


Harvey Weinstein had a solid marriage with his wife until the allegations came out. However, it appears that she is leaving Harvey Weinstein for now. Although they have not filed for divorce yet, it appears that their marriage is over.

Harvey Weinstein recently reached out to some friends and said that he is not doing well. There are some people who are worried about his mental and physical health after all of this news came out.