Fans of all things Marvel were appalled to discover that plans for an upcoming animated series focusing on Deadpool, to be aired on FX and developed by Donald Glover, were killed if not abandoned. Glover decided to comment on the situation via social media, tweeting pages of the show’s script only to later pull every tweet he had made concerning the show. The sole remaining tweet from this self-imposed purge seems to be a link to his PHAROS project, a collective of live performances occurring in New Zealond.

Glover’s recent social media actions have been one of panic. Beyond regularly toggling the activation of his account and regularly changing up the username. While leaving a single tweet visible is not exactly odd, it leaves to speculation as to whether Glover took this action voluntarily or as a way of drumming up sufficient interest in the project to shop it around to other networks.

From what could be gleaned of the script before it was pulled, the story’s season finale would have concluded with Deadpool touring Africa in hopes of saving the last of the male white rhinos. As expected for the “merc with a mouth,” the character regularly insults and agitates everyone else along for the ride. At one point, Deadpool has a conversation with the rhino that includes a comment of his show only lasting for a single season.

According to Stephen Glover, sibling and writing partner to Donald, one episode’s inclusion of Taylor Swift was deemed to be the deal-breaker for the program. Much like an in-show conversation about being cancelled is impossible if said program never debuts, the plot of keeping the last male white rhino alive is also relegated to works of fiction; Sudan, the sole remaining Northern White Rhino recently died of an age-related heart attack in Nairobi, Kenya on May 28th. If Glover were committed to a story of keeping white rhinos alive, it would involve preserving specimens for in vitro fertilization.

While a Glover-helmed Deadpool cartoon may be dead in the water, Ryan Reynolds’ and Josh Brolin’s “Deadpool 2” is set to hit theaters on May 18th. Donald Glover is currently featuring in his award-winning “Atlanta” on FX and is set to make his “Star Wars” debut as a young Lando Calrissian in the Han Solo prequel film. Amusingly, “Solo: A Star Wars Story” is set to debut one week after Deadpool 2.