Hugh Jackman just wanted to post a little message on Twitter, but of course, the Despicable Deadpool had to show up and make things weird.

The video was posted along with the line “When you’re trying to record a heartfelt birthday message …. but are interrupted by the least greatest showman” (alluding to Jackman’s recent film, The Greatest Showman). It begins with the actor sitting in a hotel room in a bathroom, making a message for someone’s birthday.

“I’m really, really busy doing… stuff,” he begins, as someone begins to softly sing “Tomorrow” from Annie in the background. As the camera pans over to the bed, we see Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool lying there, fully in costume.

“Yeah, don’t give him too much attention,” Jackman says, moving the camera back. He tries to finish his message, but Deadpool keeps singing, and then suddenly switches to “Who Let the Dogs Out?,” the 1998 hit from the Baha Men. As if on pure instinct, Jackman begins singing along.

“Who let them out? No one knows. No one… ever solved that mystery,” “Deadpool” says seriously, as the video ends.

It is unclear from the video who this was supposed to be a birthday message for; both Jackman’s and Reynolds’ are in October, for the record.

Jackman, of course, played Wolverine in Fox’s X-Men franchise, from which the Deadpool movies spun off. They seem to have become friends in real life, which makes it a bit of a bit that the two characters never shared a movie together. (Well, technically they did, in the quite bad X-Men Origins: Wolverine, but that Deadpool was not Deadpool and is best forgotten by history.)

Jackman’s final role as the X-Men hero came in Logan, set in a dystopian future, which saw him die heroically. (Um, spoiler alert.) Despite the franchise’s use of alternate timelines, he has made it clear that his time has passed, and that he looks forward to seeing a new actor take up the role when the series is likely rebooted by Disney, which is in the process of buying it.

As for Deadpool… well, he is famous for breaking the fourth wall, and it seems that now he can use that to annoy real-life people, not just fictional characters. We should probably be worried about that.