The superhero movie cycle moves forward with new offerings from both Marvel and D.C. Comics. One reason the movement has legs is creative teams understand the same exact approach to making a film cannot be repeated with every new franchise. Following the origin, as told in the comics, might not always be the perfect way to launch a film series. That’s why the “King of Atlantis” won’t be occupying the throne when the Aquaman solo project commences. Fans must wait to see how the narrative plays out to discover how Aquaman becomes king.

To add a little dramatic depth to heroes, a little backstory helps. Aquaman is hardly the most popular of heroes in the D.C. Comics’ universe. The hero has been around for decades, but never rose to an A-level tier with his own book. As a supporting character in team-up titles, Arthur “Aquaman” Curry does fine. One major reason the superhero films make so much money is the studios produce a lot of superhero films. B-level characters, even C-level ones, can generate big money with the right approach to the story.

Aquaman should get a big boost thanks to the upcoming Justice League movie. DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. hope the massive success of Wonder Woman can be duplicated or exceeded with Justice League. The film needs to be a hit since the idea behind the film is to launch a number of B-level heroes such as Aquaman, The Flash, and Cyborg to solo feature film franchise status. Things are a bit shaky, though. The Flash is being tweaked and Cyborg might not happen. Aquaman definitely remains a go project and is slated for 2018.

Wonder Woman was a hit for several reasons. The excellent storyline absolutely helped the film perform tremendously at the box office. Devising a more fleshed-out narrative to tell the tale of Aquaman in his debut film probably is a good move. In one year, fans will discover if Aquaman crosses the movie threshold to the superhero A-list.