An old video featuring ‘Mean Girls’ stars Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, and Lindsay Lohan rapping in a behind-the-scenes outtake has surfaced.

The three stars filmed the grainy video of Poehler rapping a verse fans of the film will be familiar with.

Fey and Lohan play the hype parts for the short video, throwing off-timed beat boxing over Poehler’s energetic take.

It’s a startlingly somber memory of just eight years ago, before Lohan’s downward spiral was heavily played out in the media. The consensus back then could have been that her fame would be the next to ascend, but it seems that the careers of Fey and Poehler were the only ones still ballooning after the clip.

Fey became a comedic icon with her Emmy award-winning role as both a writer and actor on the hit NBC show ’30 Rock,’ which is now entering it’s final season, while Poehler is the lead on the network’s critical standout ‘Parks and Rec.’

Meanwhile, Lohan, who’s next project ‘Liz & Dick’ is set to premiere on Lifetime in November, is still stealing headlines for her misdemeanors and troubled past.

Still, it’s a fun video for those that remember what it was like just a few years back.