Lindsay Lohan was arrested again last night in New York City after reportedly hitting a pedestrian with a car.

In a seemingly perpetual cycle of trouble with the authorities, the 26-year-old’s latest incident happened at around 12:30am when Lohan was driving with her entourage near the Dream Downtown hotel-nightclub in Manhattan.

Local police reports indicate the former child star was driving a Porsche in a crowded area when she clipped a man’s knee with the vehicle.

Lohan reportedly left the scene, and was detained by Police after the man called the authorities.

After being processed at a local police station, Lohan was immediately released and issued a ticket with a pending court date. Lohan’s rep maintains that the situation might be overblown; adding that these new charges concerning the “low speed crash” will likely be removed in the near future.

Sources close to the situation say no alcohol was involved in the incident.

Lohan is currently on probation after her 2011 arrest for shoplifting a necklace from a Los Angeles Boutique. The only stipulation of the probation is that if she were to break any other laws, then she could be sentenced to multiple months in prison.