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It’s not often a television show launched in 1989 continues to be so highly relevant in today’s digital world. But NewsWatch is the exception, having adapted for its audience over the years to address the changing times.

With more than 1,000 episodes under its belt, NewsWatch is showing no signs of stopping or slowing down. Based out of Washington D.C., NewsWatch also has offices stationed in other parts of the country, including Fairfax, VA; Denver, CO; and New York City.

It has won multiple awards for its hard-hitting work, including a Gold and Platinum 2017 Marcom Award and a 2016 Silver Telly Award.

A Reliable Cast of Hosts

Its host, Andrew Tropeano, is a charismatic, credible source for viewers, and NewsWatch also has a trusted team behind him – Michelle Ison, Amanda Forstrom, Susan Bridges, Joe Toohey and Mitchell Cole who contribute special reports.

This team manages to cut through the fluff and get right to the heart of what they’re reporting about in their fast-paced segments. That helps ensure the viewers understand the issues they are being presented with, while not wasting a lot of time waiting to hear the information they need.

But the reporters aren’t the only ones who make an appearance on NewsWatch. There is a steady stream of celebrity guests who make their way onto the show. Some of the celebrities in the past few years who have made appearances include Carrie Underwood, Dr. Oz, Cee Lo Green, Jennifer Lawrence, Christ Pratt, Chris Noth, and Julianne Moore, to name a few.

Many big companies have also appeared on the show, including Toyota, Ford, Dewars Whiskey, American Heart Association, Legos, Bounty, Suave and Discovery Channel.

A Go-To Tech Information Source

To meet the demand of keeping people informed about the latest technology in this digital world, NewsWatch added an AppWatch feature in 2012. The purpose of this portion of the show is to locate new, hot mobile apps for Android, Window and iOS devices. By catering to all three types of devices, NewsWatch can ensure that it is covering all its viewers’ needs.

Because NewsWatch runs on multiple platforms, including The AMC Network, Ion Network, DirecTV, and Dish Network, it gives the news station tremendous reach. According to estimates, NewsWatch is available to over 96 million households throughout the country.  In addition to its broadcast affiliations, NewsWatch has a thriving presence on social media and has its own YouTube and Vimeo channels. Since the YouTube channel debuted in 2012, it has reached more than four million views.

The ground they cover is relatable for every person watching in some way. Whether they are interested in the entertainment world, health, fashion, business issues, technology or travel, NewsWatch has content for them.

NewsWatch’s segments provide information people are truly looking for, such as a recent report about the top places to shop on Cyber Monday. People are constantly seeking out the best deals when they stock up for their loved ones for the holidays and NewsWatch gave them usable advice that impacted their bottom line.

To let concertgoers know they have another option when it comes to buying tickets to their favorite performer’s next show, NewsWatch recently released a report about YouTube teaming up with Ticketmaster to peddle concert tickets. With YouTube’s built-in audience and the ease of using that platform, the union between YouTube and Ticketmaster makes sense. NewsWatch did more than just report the news though – it broke down how the service would work and walked viewers through the process they would go through to use that service.

Viewers and online surfers can check out NewsWatch’s steady stream of products that are constantly reviewed. Whether they are sharing iPhone shortcuts that will save minutes out of a person’s day or letting the world know how the latest app works, they provide vital information to consumers everywhere.

Quality and Innovation are their Pledge

While NewsWatch’s ultimate goal is to provide quality content for its viewers, businesses have thrived because of their affiliations with the show.

One company, Contour Design, saw dramatically increased sales of its ultimate workstation series because of a promotional video developed by NewsWatch.

It’s fair to say that NewsWatch is changing lives with the work they do. Take the example of Avanca, for instance. Avanca was seeking crowdfunding for its planned Ockel Sirius B pocket PC. With a target of reaching $10,000 in just a month’s time, Avanca contacted NewsWatch to create and run a one-minute segment on its show and place on its online channels.

As it turned out, that $10,000 goal was just chump change. By the time 30 days were up, Avanca had raised far more than that – they were able to reach an astounding $456,551.

But Avanca isn’t the only company that has had success with its fundraising goals. Saygus, a company that manufactures smartphones in the U.S., opted to hire NewsWatch to help them with their Indiegogo campaign.

After the marketing campaign from Saygus and NewsWatch was over, the company had raised far more than anticipated. They reached $1.3 million, which was more than $300,000 than expected.

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