Two of the main showrunners for the upcoming television adaption of the Transporter movie franchise have quit the show.

Earlier this year HBO announced they were creating a ‘Transporter’ television spin-off to air on Cinemax starring Chris Vance, of ‘Prison Break’ and ‘Burn Notice’ fame as Frank Martin – The professional driver played by Jason Statham in the film franchise.

The series began filming in Tornoto at the beginning of August, however less than 3 weeks into filming Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie left the show, citing creative differences.

The showrunner position is akin to the head writer for a show. As such, they are key to the success or failure of any television project.

Steve Shill, who produces Showtime’s television series ‘The Tudors’, will take over the role of showrunner from ‘Transporter’ series’ fourth episode onwards.

Andrea Osvart will star as Frank Martin’s handler Carla, while Francois Berléand reprises his role as French Police Inspector Tarconi.

The first episode, directed by ‘Lost’ director and producer Stephen Williams, is due to air in Spring 2012.