Keith Urban will be bringing some experience with reality TV singing competitions with him to  ‘American Idol,’ from both sides of the judge’s table.

The country star was a judge on the Australian version of ‘The Voice,’ but he also has some experience in the hot seat as a reality show contestant.

Urban told reporters at a New York press conference for the upcoming season of ‘American Idol’ about his experience as a young contestant on a singing competition show.

“I did a show when I was 9. I actually did a show in Australia, one of these kinds of shows with three judges, and one of them just completely crucified me,” Urban said.

In fact he still recalls the criticism that the judge gave him: “I encourage you to get out of country music, just get rid of that of that nonsense get into some real music.”

Good thing that Urban did not take that particular judge’s words of advice and went on to have a very successful career in country music.

Perhaps Urban’s time as a contestant will give him a little more empathy for the aspiring singers that he will be judging.

Urban will join Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj, and Randy Jackson as judges on the upcoming season of ‘American Idol,’ which kicks off in January on Fox.

Watch the music video for Keith Urban’s 2012 single ‘For You’ below: