Alex Gansa , executive producer for Showtime drama ‘Homeland’ has confirmed the shows third season will be smaller in scale than the previous two.

Speaking at a media conference on Monday following that airing of the season two finale in the U.S., Gansa confirmed that although the show had been signed for a third series, a premise was currently undecided.

The producer explained: “I think all of us on the writing staff would rather not do an impending attack that Carrie (Claire Danes) stops for the third year in a row.

“Having said that we haven’t found that narrative engine that’s going to take us through the third season so I have to reserve judgement. We’re looking for something smaller, that is sort of a little more John Le Carre.”

With Brody (Damien Lewis) now on the run, the extent of his involvement in the third season is also being debated.

Lewis recently confirmed that he had been signed for seven seasons. However, the actor stressed that he could be killed off at any time, saying “they could tell an entirely new story next year. Maybe that’s what they want to do.”

Guess we’ll all have to wait for the season return of this award winning series to find out the answer to our many questions.

The Homeland season finale aired in the US on Sunday (December 16) and is due to air in the UK on Channel 4 this coming Sunday (December 23).

Re-live the promo for the Season 2 Finale of ‘Homeland’ below: