The Coen Brothers are re-imagining their critically acclaimed film ‘Fargo’ as an hour-long dramatic series for FX.

The network has ordered a script from ‘My Generation’ screenwriter Noah Hawley, who will also act as an executive producer for the series.

The 1996 film was nominated for an Academy Award for best picture, but lost to ‘The English Patient.’

The film ‘Fargo’ is dark-comedy/crime film starring Frances McDormand as a pregnant police chief investigating a series of murders. The film is set in Minnesota and co-stars William H. Macy and Steve Buscemi.

McDormand took home the Oscar for Best Actress, while brothers Joel and Ethan Coen won the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay.

It will be a tall order to find a cast that can live up to the highly praised performances of the original cast while also making the colorful characters their own. There has been no word yet if any of the original cast members are in consideration to join the cast of the TV version.

Recent FX series like ‘American Horror Story’ and ‘Damages’ have attracted high caliber talent, so here’s hoping the premise of re-imagining ‘Fargo’ lures some acting heavyweights.

Check out the trailer for the modern classic film ‘Fargo’ below: