The trailer for director Gus Van Sant‘s newest project ‘Promised Land’ premiered earlier today.

The film features Matt Damon and Frances McDormand as sales representatives for an oil company, looking to turn rural American farmland into drilling stations for natural gas.

The story is a take on modernization colliding with rural sensibility as the town begins to fight back. Leading the opposition is ‘The Office’ actor John Krasinski, who isn’t trying to take the company’s money and look the other way.

One scene in the trailer reveals the town’s people covering Damon’s character’s car with flyers, noting the word “fracking.” In a simple definition, fracking is technique that uses pressurized water to release petroleum and natural gas from rock layers in the Earth. The safety of this technique has been under intense scrutiny for some time, as it presents a danger of releasing hazardous chemical components in the air and contaminating water supplies.

Fans of Van Sant will be familiar of his past work with Damon, most notably with Damon’s 1998 breakthrough ‘Good Will Hunting.’

‘Promised Land’ will have a limited release December 28.

Watch the ‘Promised Land’ trailer below: