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The self-proclaimed “sickest movie of all time” banned in the UK

As audiences long for their next fix for horror and gore, the UK has banned what has been dubbed “sickest movie of all time”.

Creed 2 Debuts a New and Damaged Ivan Drago

Ivan Drago returns. The villainous boxer from the Rocky series returns after a 33-year hiatus. This time, he won't be facing off against Rocky Balboa in the...

Coronavirus Delays the Release of ‘Black Widow’

The coronavirus crisis has another movie victim to add to its growing list. Marvel Studios has officially announced that "Black Widow" will not be hitting...

Summer Blockbusters: ‘Super 8’

Critically acclaimed Director J. J. Abrams returns to the screen for coming-of-age movie gone sci-fi thriller 'Super 8'.

Six Unseen Clips Released for ‘The Hobbit’

New Line have released six clips for 'The Hobbit: An unexpected journey', due to hit cinemas December 13th.

Bruce Willis Reveals He’s Bored of Action Movies

'Die Hard' star Bruce Willis has revealed that he is no longer excited by the high-octane action flicks he's best known for.

First Look at Rob Zombie’s ‘Lords of Salem’

A rock DJ gets more than she bargained for when she spins a mysterious record in Rob Zombie's 'Lords of Salem.'

Peter Jackson Is Making a Beatles Movie

One of the most acclaimed directors in the history of movies is Peter Jackson. He has won an Oscar for his directing efforts. He is...

“Blade Runner” Film Studio Files Lawsuit Against French Automaker

In the film "Blade Runner 2049," the sequel to the iconic 1982 science fiction movie starring Harrison Ford, one of the most prominent brands shown on screen...

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