Ivan Drago returns. The villainous boxer from the Rocky series returns after a 33-year hiatus. This time, he won’t be facing off against Rocky Balboa in the ring. The Philadelphia fighter and the former-U.S.S.R pugilist take on the role of trainer. Drago coaches his son while Rocky coaches the late Apollo Creed’s son. So is the premise for the intriguing sequel Creed 2.

Creed deserves a sequel. There’s more to tell about the title character’s story. Movie fans found themselves wanting more after the first film ended. An outstanding screenplay combined with impeccable acting by Jordan and Stallone led the original Creed to box office success. Long-time fans of the Rocky franchise returned to theaters to live through their cinematic hero’s troubles once again. Older fans weren’t alone in the multiplex. Young fans drawn to Jordan’s on-screen struggles enjoyed the film as well. With the sequel, the fusion of an old franchise with a new one returns once again. Incredibly, the sequel turns into a follow-up to the campy Rocky IV.

Rocky IV maintains a cult following due to an over-the-top, professional wrestling-inspired script. Rocky IV didn’t present a moving drama such as the original film or the later sequels Rocky V and Rocky Balboa. Rocky IV continued the campy trend started with Rocky III. Interestingly, the Ivan Drago of Creed 2 isn’t the same bad guy character of the 1985 sequel. Actor Dolph Lundgren refers to Drago as a “pretty damaged” and broken man.

Drago took the loss to Rocky Balboa hard. He suffered psychological problems after losing on his home turf. Drago’s hometown audience turned against him and rallied behind Rocky at the film’s conclusion. The character remains haunted by the event to this day. Coaching his son becomes Drago’s last chance for redemption.

The new dimension of the Drago character proved intriguing to actor Lundgren. Originally, Lundgren wasn’t interested in the role and the accompanying million-dollar payoff. After learning the Drago character is now far more multi-dimensional than the original one, Lundgren signed on for the new film.

Both Rocky and Creed fans are now looking forward to an intriguing new entry in the Rocky film mythos.