The wait is finally over. The FULL music video for Britney Spears’ third single off of her album ‘Femme Fatale’, “I Wanna Go”, is here!

After teasing her fans with a little snippet of her battling the paparazzi, fans of Ms. Spears got to watch a very new Britney.

The video was made last month, just in time to be considered for a Video Music Award. The eligibility deadline for music videos for the competition is Friday, June 24th.

A special guest star in the video is one ‘Weeds’ fans will instantly recognize — Guillermo Diaz.

The video makes a few pop culture references and Spears is dressed to her badass best, pink extensions, black spiked leather boots, with a skull Mickey Mouse cropped tee.

While the music video is really unique and a stretch from the Britney we’ve seen in the past, will it still satisfy her fans?

What do you think? Were you disappointed with a non-dancing Britney?