With only a month until Halloween the popularity of horror movies is on the rise. To get us in the mood for the spooky season, Paramount have released the latest trailer for ‘Paranormal Activity 4.’

The last teaser revealed little concerning the plot of PA4 and was instead designed to creep fans out with its eerie footage. However, coming in at over two minutes the latest trailer reveals far more of the sequels plot.

It’s 2011 and the whereabouts of Hunter and Katie remains unknown… that is, until little Robbie (AKA Hunter) moves into suburbia with ‘mum’ Katie.

When Katie is hospitalized, Robbie goes to stay with the unsuspecting neighbours. Predictably, strange and unexplainable incidents begin to take hold. If the previous movies are anything to go by the haunting probably won’t end well.

It seems PA4 will answer a lot of the questions that were left untouched by last year’s prequel. It remains uncertain if we will discover what the entity is and how it can be overpowered. Perhaps Paramount will treat us to fifth instalment?

Directed by PA3’s Ariel Schulman and Henry Joost, ‘Paranormal Activity 4’ will be released October 19.

Check out the trailer below: