The newest trailer for ‘Identity Thief’ has premiered.

The brand new comedy from ‘Horrible Bosses’ directer Seth Gordon stars a dumb-founded Jason Bateman as his line of credit has been mysteriously compromised.

After discovering the issues, he discovers and hunts down another person with his name in Miami (Melissa McCarthy), who has been maxing out his credit lines.

It isn’t too much of a leap for Bateman, who’s currently working on the final long-awaited installment to the Arrested Development’ series. Last year, Bateman starred alongside Ryan Reynolds in ‘The Change-Up,’ in which both of the actors assumed the lives of the other.

McCarthy, whose career exploded since her 2011 role in Bridesmaids’ and lead-role on CBS’ Mike & Molly,’ is finally becoming an audience pull all on her own as the poster for the movie.

The film is set for release February 8 of next year.

Watch the ‘Identity Thief’ trailer below: