Disney has released the first official trailer for next summer’s ‘The Lone Ranger.’

The remake of the western classic stars Johnny Depp as Tonto, the Native American sidekick to Armie Hammer as the titular Lone Ranger.

The trailer doesn’t give too away on Hammer and Depp’s roles, mostly playing with the story’s prologue narrated by actor Tom Wilkinson. Only near the end do we see a lavishly dressed up Depp in makeup and Native American head-wear, sitting alongside a disguised Hammer as they overlook the Western scenery.

It’s the latest film for long-time Disney director Gore Verbinski, who has a lengthy list of collaborations with Depp. Verbinski directed the first three ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’  films, as well the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature winner ‘Rango.’ In total, this will be the fifth project the two have worked on together.

Another frequent Depp collaborator, Helena Bonham Carter, will also appear in the film. This marks the sixth time those two have also worked together.

‘The Lone Ranger’ is set for release July 3, 2013.

Watch ‘The Lone Ranger’ trailer below: