Canadian actor Mike Myers is best known for two roles. He played Wayne Campbell in the ever-beloved ‘Wayne’s World’ films, and he was Austin Powers in all three installments of the movie, ‘Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery,’ ‘The Spy Who Shagged Me’ and ‘Goldmember.’ Not only did Myers star in the three ‘Austin Powers’ movies, but he also wrote and produced them.

In total, the series grossed over $670-million at the box-office, so it’s no wonder New Line Cinema was eager to make another sequel. The studio has reportedly been in negotiations with Myers for the past year, and it has finally paid off. The actor has signed on to write, produce and star in another installment of the ‘Austin Powers’ movie series.

Since his original stint as Austin, Myers has starred in several movies that flopped, including but not limited to ‘The Love Guru.’ His most successful role was his voiceover for the children’s character Shrek, which was featured in multiple movies and TV shorts.

‘International Man of Mystery’ came out in 1997, and the latest ‘Powers’ hit theaters in 2002. It has been nine years since then, and the actor is now 48-years-old. Many fans would agree, a fourth installment in the franchise is well overdue.