It is no secret that Disney is an entertainment juggernaut. However, their grip on the movie industry seems to be getting stronger with each passing day. Disney had a total of five films that were able to reach the $1 billion milestone at the global box office. Overall, the studio raked in a very impressive $10 billion total for all of their films released in 2019 at the global box office, reports CNBC. The scary thing that that “The Rise of Skywalker” has not even been released yet. This is the final chapter in the Star Wars saga of Luke Skywalker. It seems very likely that this will be Disney’s sixth film to go past $1 billion this year.

One of the things that Disney is doing to make all of this money is to remake their older animated films by using modern computer animation. They did this with great success earlier this year in the cases of “Aladdin” and “The Lion King.” They also have a live action version of “Mulan” that will soon be released. The studio knows that many people who liked these movies in their original version will probably pay to see the new version. Disney does not have to introduce new characters to the audience. The familiarity that the audience has with the characters in these films is a big part of their appeal around the world.

Another reason that Disney has dominated this year has been the fact that they own Marvel Studios. This is the studio that produced “Avengers: Endgame” earlier in 2019. The film went on to unseat “Avatar” as the biggest box office smash in the history of the world. There is no question that Disney’s purchases of Marvel and Lucasfilm have been very wise on their part. Owning the rights to Star Wars and all of the Marvel characters means that Disney will always have an endless stream of cash.

“Captain Marvel” was another triumph for Marvel Studios and Disney in 2019. This was also seen as a major step forward because a woman is the lead character in the film. Building an entire film around a single female character is something that Hollywood has typically not done in the past. The sequel to “Frozen” is currently raking in a ton of cash around the world. If it stays on its current pace, this film should have no problem earning $1 billion around the world.