There seems to be no limit to the amount of money that streaming giant Netflix is prepared to spend on making their own original shows and movies. Later this week, they will release a new film called “6 Underground” that was directed by Michael Bay. It has an estimated price tag of $150 million. The star of the film is Ryan Reynolds. Netflix does not have a history of making action films. This will be a new direction for them. The large budget and star power of Reynolds and Bay has definitely put this film in the spotlight. It will be very interesting to see how it is received when it is eventually released on the 13th of December.

The story of the film centers around six people who are vigilantes. All of them fake their own deaths to make it easier for them to capture criminals and bring them to justice. The special effects sequences are said to be very elaborate. It was filmed at many exotic locations around the world. One of the locations that is featured prominently in the film is Dubai. “6 Underground” was written by Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick. This is the same duo who was responsible for writing the smash hit “Deadpool” starring Reynolds. The fact that both writers were involved in this project probably played a large role in Reynolds wanting to be involved.

Netflix knows that they need to appeal to all audiences if they are going to keep subscribers and gain new ones now that the streaming wars are underway. Therefore, Netflix had to get involved in the action genre. They decided to hire Michael Bay to direct the film because he has been at the helm of many action movies in his career. He knows how to oversee a film with a massive budget that is over nine figures.

There has been a lot of advance buzz surrounding the film thanks to a brilliant marketing campaign. The trailers have received very positive feedback from viewers. However, social media has also been used to great effect. Reynolds has constantly posted photos and videos that were taken on the set of the film. His sense of humor is always very good when it comes to promoting one of his films. He has become very adept at generating buzz. He got a lot of practice doing this prior to the release of “Deadpool” and its sequel.