One of the most successful film franchises over the past decade has been the reboot of “Planet of the Apes” produced by 20th Century Fox. Disney bought Fox very recently. Therefore, Disney has not wasted any time making plans for the next film in the very profitable series. They have hired Wes Ball, the man who directed “Maze Runner,” to helm the next movie. Details of the plot have not been revealed as of yet. Disney CEO Bob Iger said recently that he would like to begin production on the next film as soon as possible. It is not known when the new film is going to be released.

The “Planet of the Apes” movies have come a long way since the iconic 1968 film. Back in those days, the ape characters were portrayed by people in costumes who were hot and very uncomfortable. Nowadays, technology has made things much more realistic. The most recent three movies in the series used highly advanced motion capture animation to portray every ape character. Motion capture involves the actors wearing special suits that record all of their movements. A team of animators then designs the apes and places them over the recordings of the actor’s movements. Therefore, the movements of the apes are very lifelike. As you might expect, this type of animation comes at a very high price. The latest films all had budgets over $100 million.

Disney has not done a lot with any of the franchises previously owned by Fox as of yet. It would appear that the apes movie will be the first Fox property that Disney will move forward with. The studio chose Wes Ball to direct the movie because he has a lot of experience being in charge of a very expensive film with a lot of moving parts.

The apes franchise is very valuable to Disney. One of the main reasons for this is the fact that the series already has many millions of fans around the world. Therefore, Disney will not need to introduce people to new concepts and characters. It is a luxury that Disney already enjoys with the “Star Wars” franchise. It is not certain if the new film will pick up right after the events of the previous film. Disney did not say if any of the characters from the previous series will show up in the new film. Only time will tell what the plot will be.