While sci-fi movie fans are awaiting “Star Wars: Episode IX,” the director in charge of the project is making headlines. A new report says that JJ Abrams is seeking what could be a record-breaking deal with a “massive media company.” Here’s the latest on the potential deal and what could be involved.

A report via Comicbook website cites Variety as saying the specific numbers have yet to be reported. However, it could be a “super nova-sized” deal which would feature Abrams working with a media company on projects involving film, TV, music, games, products, and even theme parks.

The name of the media company involved is also unknown. Current speculation is that it could be either Disney or Comcast/Universal. A source from Variety’s report indicates that Disney may be in “pole position” to ink a deal. That’s because they also have a relationship with Steven Spielberg, a man Abrams considers his friend and mentor. There is also some speculation that it could be Netflix or Apple that Abrams signs a deal with.

While news of that potential deal has yet to fully materialize, Abrams has two other deals he signed before. He’s got a deal with Warner Bros. TV that will expire in May 2019, as well as a bit over a year left with Paramount. He was behind the 2013 film, “Star Trek: Into the Darkness.” Basically, Abrams wants to have all of his productions consolidated under one media company and the new media deal he and his team are seeking would allow for that.

Abrams’ next big “Star Wars” film is due out in 2019. “Star Wars: Episode IX” is still untitled and there have been no preview trailers as filming and production are still underway. The expected release date is December 20, 2019, in theaters everywhere.