Hailing from Santa Rosa, California is a man whose hustle is unparalleled; a man looking to come up even further in the rap game after the release of his electrifying 2013 breakout single “Roll Call (49ers Anthem)”. A man whose drive and determination to succeed in this industry, is something that all can look to for inspiration.

This man, is Bobo Norco

Growing up in his neighborhood, Sean McBride was known as and referred to by the nickname “Bobo.” Coupling that with his Northern California heritage, he forged his unique rap name “Bobo Norco.” After setting his sights on a future in rap, he realized that he couldn’t just lay back and wait for fans to come to him, that the only way he could get things done and get his name out was through a strict combination of determination and hustle, and began selling CD’s from the back of his car to get more people to listen to his music. With this drive for success he continued recording tracks that he hoped would one day blow up.

Ultimately, Bobo Norco would achieve notoriety with the release of his single and tribute to his team the San Francisco 49ers, titled, “Roll Call (49ers Anthem).” 

The song managed to blow up with more than 405,000 views on Youtube and launched Bobo Norco into a position as a front-runner in the Bay Area music scene. After the release of the track, Bobo founded his own independent record label “N.L.N.F (No Lovers No Friends) Entertainment.”

Bobo Norco dropped his first mixtape titled Keep It XO on January 14, 2014. The mixtape featured his hot tune “Break Your Heart” where he showcased his talent for lyricism accompanied by gritty vocals, and a pulsing back beat. Following up from that, in February of 2014, Bobo released The XO Album, through his label. The album went on to become a hit throughout the Bay Area, being played from Hunter’s Point hood to the Silicon Valley estates, displaying Bobo Norco’s appeal to the masses.

The mixtape and the album both featured Bobo’s most successful song, “You” featuring Missippi.

In June of 2014, the song received major airplay nationwide through Top 40 Radio. It continued to climb the charts and was referred to a hit. Bobo then mangaged to land himself on the cover of ten different magazines in a mere six months and accompanying this came 1.6 million total views on YouTube along with a performance at South by Southwest.

Due to Bobo Norco’s recent success, on July 21 of this year, he announced through a press release that he would be unveiling his own high fashion collection, titled “Kindom Couture.” Being a man of impeccable taste who reportedly owns a collection of exotic shoes worth more than $250,000, Bobo Norco is no fool when it comes to high quality. And Kindom Couture boasts itself as the highest quality of urban clothing that has ever been made, including such high quality cloth as silk. “I have always taken pride in my fits and I would never put out clothes or hats I wouldn’t wear myself,” stated Bobo.

With an all new clothing line, a track with Wiz Khalifa dropping at the end of this month, and a growing fanbase on social media, it seems that Norco’s hustle, determination, and ingenuity have paid off, and he has taken the first steps to becoming a powerhouse in the rap game.