Earl Sweatshirt hit a “fan” with a devastating left hook after he tried to steal the rapper’s mic.

Sweatshirt was performing “Grief” on the third stop of his ‘Ready To Leave Now’ tour in Sydney, Australia when a man rushed past security, jumped on the rappers back, and tried to steal his mic.

Sweatshirt quickly turned around and bodied the dude with a quick left hook before security (and Trash Talk’s Garrett Stevenson) showed up, stomped the guy out, and kicked him off stage to be escorted out of the building.

The crowd went wild, but the rapper didn’t miss a beat and kept doing his thing. Respect.

The incident was reportedly sparked by the same man’s failed attempt at crowd-surfing just ten minutes before he got knocked out.

Early reports suggest the man tried to crowd-surf earlier in the concert, but he only ended up kicking some of his fellow concert-goers in their heads. Earl saw this and (quite accurately) called him a “f**ktard,” so the fan decided to take action against the rapper. Clearly that decision didn’t end well for him.

People need to remember that 21-year-old Earl Sweatshirt, real name Thebe Neruda Lanu Kgositsile (yes… seriously…), is nothing like his fellow Odd Future member Tyler, The Creator, who frequently welcomes stage invasions.

Sweatshirt comes from the school of Action Bronson when it comes to stage invaders, so take note. If Sweatshirt is performing, stay off the stage!

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