Kanye West shoes are always known to make a dent in the shoe game due to being both extremely limited and stylish.

After leaving Nike, the brand responsible for releasing the highly sought after Yeezy 2‘s, Kanye decided to make a business decision and partner with Adidas to create a new collection of shoes and has not looked back.

The first shoe created in the partnership was the Yeezy 750 Boost that was released back in February and has become iconic, going out of stock immediately after its release and is now being resold on Ebay for upwards of a thousand dollars.

Now, Kanye’s friend, designer Tracey Mills, took to Instagram to post exclusive video footage of Kanye trying on these shoes for the first time ever.

Check out shoe game history below:

Mills then posted a second video of Kanye trying to “swag out” these iconic shoes. If you own a pair of these or are in the market for them  you’d better rock them as he said, “Untied shoelaces with the zipper down.”

Figuring out the best way to swag them. untied shoelaces with the zipper down Nori always fresh and beautiful. #codes

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