Everyone loves the Oscar Award. All the celebrities in the entertainment industry have always been working hard to appear on the list of potential nominees. However, others have won this award several times, which indicates their work behind the scenes to get nominated for such recognition and win them ultimately.

The annual Academy Award broadcast is expected to take place in the next few days, which millions of people worldwide are already waiting for. However, there are very many details that people are yet to know. So, here are some of the few details you should know about the 94th Academy Awards.

The Ceremony will be held in Dolby Theatre, Los Angeles

The organizers of the Oscar Award have been working on a program that involves hosting Academy Awards in several cities around the country. This approach aims to make people from every corner of the country feel involved and participate in the glamorous event. However, the 94th Academy Awards will be in Dolby Theatre, Los Angeles. This is probably one of the places with the most significant number of celebrities so; you should expect a packed house at least.

Where to Watch Live Broadcast of Academy Awards?

Getting a ticket to such an invention is something you’re not even contemplating. This is an invite-only event, so don’t bother getting access. But, where are you going to watch this event on your television? The annual show will be live at 7 p.m. Sunday on KSTP, Ch. 5. However, if you cannot access this channel, multiple streaming channels will be bringing this event live. However, if you’re based in other parts of the world, YouTube will also be streaming this event.

At Least 3 Hosts will Host the 2022 Academy Awards.

Traditionally, one person has hosted the Academy Awards for many years. However, the organizing committee has changed this format, and it is currently going for a trio of hosts. These people have their movies playing an essential role in the entertainment industry. This year’s Academy Awards are renowned comedians (Wanda Sykes and Amy Schumer) and a leading actor, Regina Hall.

COVID-19 infections continue to be a significant challenge for such events. However, it is essential to indicate that this year’s event will be different. The majority of the people are vaccinated, and infection rates have gone down. Therefore, you can expect a colorful event with some of the usual entertainment aspects, such as the red carpet.