The return of Sabrina, the Teenage Witch to television won’t exactly return to TV. Instead, “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” is now slated to air on Netflix. The series has been commissioned for two seasons and a 20 episode run. While many are thrilled to see Sabrina return, confusion exists why the program won’t air on The CW. Basically, the new program will be much more horror-oriented. Adult and dark themes shall be explored in the new program, a program that focuses on Sabrina’s tumult about being a witch. This will definitely present a new take on the Sabrina comic book and television fans are familiar with.

As most already know, Netflix has previously turned traditionally PG-rated comic book material into adult-oriented programs. The Marvel Studios joint ventures with the streaming service reveal this. “Riverdale,” The CW’s Archie series, covers material far more mature than the classic comic books and cartoon series featuring the Archie characters. A possible R-rated streaming program definitely would be a departure from the source material. Or would it?

Interestingly, there was a mature comic book that featured Sabrina back in the 1970’s. The anthology comic book was controversial since it was a violent work that wasn’t similar at all to the family-friendly “Archie fare” found on newsstands. The book was canceled rather quickly and forgotten. The new Netflix series revised this forgotten approach to portraying Sabrina.

Netflix may benefit greatly from streaming the new Sabrina program. Fans of “Riverdale” who aren’t current Netflix streaming subscribers may choose to sign up. Netflix could gain a decent number of new members thanks to the co-production venture with The CW. Netflix seems to be expanding on as many fronts as possible. This has led to the company’s ability to draw in huge numbers during prime time. With “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina,” Netflix continues its long march towards new media entertainment dominance.