Lupe Fiasco weighs in on Drake songwriting controversy

Lupe Fiasco speaks out on the Meek Mill and Drake beef, and his view on ghostwriters in rap.

Amy Winehouse Reveals Depression in New Documentary Clip

A new clip from the upcoming Amy Winehouse documentary AMY shows the legendary singer talking about depression.

How Many Fox News Hosts Does It Take To Change A Tire?

Here's a hint: It's more than three. Also, I'm pretty sure one of them got hit by a parked car.

Rockstar Grandpa Paul McCartney Gives Up The Mary Jane

The rock legend has shared some of his tips for living a long and healthy life, including giving up the drug that fueled much of his creativity throughout the peak of his career.

Funkmaster Flex announces he has more reference tracks for Drake songs

Funk Flex threatens to drop even more reference tracks in his attempt to expose Drake's songwriting fraud.

50 Cent Forced to pay an additional $2 million to Woman whose Sex Tape...

Lastonia Levison walks out of court $7 million richer while a bankrupt 50 Cent looks on.

Adam Levine Was Just ‘Sugar-Bombed” Outside Jimmy Kimmel’s Studio

Adam Levine was the victim of a drive-by sugaring outside Jimmy Kimmel's studio earlier today.

Idina Menzel on Botched Adele Dazeem Intro: ‘It threw me’

Idina Menzel has admitted to being 'thrown' by John Travolta's botch introduction of her Oscars performance.

Former Child Star Shirley Temple Dies Aged 85

Child star Shirley Temple has passed away at the age of 85.

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