Does Kygo have a girlfriend?

The Norwegian DJ/electronica artist Kyrre Gørvell-Dahll commonly known by his stage name Kygo have recently confirmed that he is in a relationship with the Norwegian girl Maren Platou. Kygo...

How many languages does Justin Bieber speak?

Last week, we published an article about Justin Bieber's new song where he sings in Spanish. This made us wonder, how many languages does Justin Bieber speak or even...

The infinite talents of Chris Colfer

Glee star Chris Colfer bolsters his already extensive résumé by signing a book deal with the publishers behind the 'Twilight' series.

Charlie Sheen #Winning with new TV show?

After a failed tour and his name fading, Charlie Sheen could soon be #Winning again with talk of a new TV Show.

White Stripes’ Jack White throws Divorce Party

The White Stripes frontman is to throw what promises to be the most awkward party imaginable.

Where for art thou DiCaprio?

Hollywood's most eligible bachelor is a bachelor no more. Just weeks after splitting from his model girlfriend, DiCaprio has been spotted with a new beau.

Desiree Perez is Roc Nation’s Secret to Celebrity Success

The global music and entertainment industry is a behemoth. In 2016 alone, revenues for this sector were estimated at $17.2 billion, which is more than a third...

Why Julia Jackson Keeps Appearing With Top Celebrities

Julia Jackson Is Becoming A Hot Topic In Hollywood In recent months, social circles and celebrity photographers have been buzzing about Julia Jackson and her appearance in photos...
Rebel Wilson Clothing line Running lip

Rebel Wilson Sports Her Own Clothing Line In “Isn’t It Romantic”

The first film to star Rebel Wilson as the leading lady is set to hit theaters on Valentine’s Day. She recently revealed on her Instagram that her...

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