If you go back a few years, you might remember hearing “Am I wrong” on every single radio station. The makers of this song are the duo Nico and Vinz, they were huge. They topped about every single chart in the world. After that one hit, they released “That’s how you know” with Bebe Rexha and soon after “Hold it together”. But where did they go? Are they alive?

They did appearances on almost every popular radio show, they performed during “Dancing with the stars” and they even performed in front of Obama. They had something big going on. In interviews they were perceived as “down to earth” and you just had to smile with them.

If you take a look at social media, there seem to be no updates since the 21th of June 2016. For an artist that is really weird, especially since they live off their fans. There is also very little activity from fans on their site. This includes Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

According to several Norwegian newspapers, they fired their manager in late 2016, they did not explain why. At the same time however it turns out that they had some tax issues back in Norway due to some errors made by their “former American business managers”.

In their home country, Norway they were the golden duo. No one had ever had this kind of success since A-ha`s “Take on Me”. As we were trolling around Google, we found the story that actually broke their image in Norway. Some small festival far north in Norway had booked them. Nico and Vinz canceled due to visa problems, that happens. The only problem was that they had another concert planned on the same date at a venue in the US.  The big newspaper made huge headlines about how they prioritized the US-concert and that they forgotten about who got them where they were. It should be added, that they played a free concert up north later that year.

But where are they now? 

We could not actually find any info about them now. They are how ever booked to a few Norwegian festivals this summer. So the question is, did they have “one hit wonder” or will get back?