Drakes new album “More Life” is a real success, only 4 days after he released it. Spotify is reporting a staggering 61.302.082 streams of his album. In comparison, Ed Sheeran had 56.727.861 streams last month, which was a Spotify record according to Entertainment Weekly.

The album was released on Saturday, Apple Music confirms a staggering 89,5 streams of the album in the first 24 hours after release. Drake himself calls his album a collection of songs which becomes the soundtrack to your life.

Drake is currently on tour and has had concerts in Oslo and Stockholm. When he was visiting Stockholm he did not only perform, he also got himself a few tattoos. You can check out both of his new tattoos on
Niki23gtr Instagram profile.

Yes, the tatto is of a perfume bottle. Allegedly Drakes Twitter name was @drakkarnoir until 2011. According to the rap magazine 730, he has always been a fan of Drakkar Noir.