Dave Grohl‘s closing words at England’s Reading Festival gave some fans the false impression that the band was breaking up.

The Foo Fighters’ frontman told the audience the performance would be “the last show of the tour” and “the last show for a long time.”

His words created a lot of buzz among fans upset that the singer was implying that the band was suddenly splitting up.

However, an official source claims Grohl’s words were misinterpreted. The official told The AP that the Foo Fighters planned to take some time off but not until after they do some more touring.

The band is slated to perform at the Rock the Vote event September 5 at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C. Jack Johnson, Motion City Soundtrack and Asher Roth are also set to take the stage at the Democratic fundraiser.

Grohl and company are also scheduled to play September 21 at the Midtown Music Festival in Atlanta, September 22 at Pensacola Beach’s DeLuna Festival and September 29 at the Global Festival in New York.

The Foo Fighter’s latest album, ‘Wasting Light’ won five Grammy Awards, including Best Rock Album.