As if inflicting ‘Friday’ on the world wasn’t enough…

Patrice Wilson, the man that produced the lyrical masterpiece that is Rebecca Black‘s ‘Friday,’ is at it again.

He’s taken two young girls, Alice and Stacey, and placed them in Tweenchronic, a surprisingly inappropriately named pop duo.

As if the name wasn’t enough, the less than subtle references to drug dealing and alcoholism in the group’s first music video will have you at a loss for words. That is, until you remember that Wilson is behind it. Also, let’s not forget the band is called Tweenchronic, of all things!

On a positive note, the song does prove to be an incredibly catchy mix of genres that sparks memories of Willow Smith’s ‘Whip My Hair.’

Much like every other Patrice Wilson (a.k.a. Fat Usher) song i’m left with more questions than answers. Why can’t Rebecca Black remember what day of the week it is? Why is a grown man dressed as a turkey crashing a little girl’s thanksgiving party? And now, where the hell are Tweenchronic’s parents?!

If you can answer any of those questions, let me know in the comments below.

Check out Tweenchronic’s music video for “Skip Rope” below: