David Porter, a former Stax musical writer, David Porter decides to arouse the liveliness of Memphis downtown by opening his new venture ‘Made in Memphis Entertainment’ at a cost of $5 million. According to him, the city has been ripped off its fame of been the epicenter for music. I has lost its glory of been the source of the new artists since the implosion of Stax by 1975. Still living in Memphis, Porter recalls the days when every new band cropped out of Memphis and so is hopeful that those days will come back and redeem the city of its lost glory.

With the new investment being run by trademark and patents lawyer Tony Alexander as well as Hamilton Hardin (Nashville recording star), the new studio will bear its own recording label. Porter envisions the return of the city on its former map of recording music. At age 75, Porter is ardent about music still and availing young artists to elevate up the ladder in their vocation path through his grand investment and contribution by picking up from where Stax left off.

At 400 Union Ave where the new studio is located, the studio is in a two-story building composed of beige brick that was formally an insurance office. Porter has had it renovated including pouring 70 tons of concrete for sound proofing and designed by the likes of Michael Cronin who is an eminent British studio designer.

As a man who has grown up in the neighborhood, and even played music in Booker T. Washington High School and in church and later joining Stax back then, Porter understands the heartbeat of Memphis city is music and the way to make it alive again is by reviving the old gem. He promises to market the music studio far and wide to make his dream a reality.