Ever wondered what happen to the TV youngsters? To some, the exposure of the media was a stepping stone to their future undertakings while to others the game wasn’t such appealing to them and opted to pursue other careers.

An elevating star in 1991- 1994, the Canadian actor Sean O’Neal portraying Sam Andersin in the TV show ‘Clasissa Explains it All’ now aged 41 is a Co-Editor-In-Chief of The A.V Club. After playing the roles as an actor, 12 years later he defines the roles for others. At least for Sean O’Neal formally known as Sean McEnroe before changing his name has not disoriented the taste and exuberance for the media unlike David Lascher portrayed in ‘Hey Dude’ in 1989-1991, who spends most of his time being a family man.

For those that still recall the days of ‘Saved By the Bell’ in early 90’s (1989- 1993), do you recollect ‘Lisa Turtle’? Well, Lark Voorhies- the actress abaft the character had still maintained her nabbing roles in the public limelight as in the days she featured in ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ and ‘Days of Our Lives’ soap operas, by featuring in music video including ‘On Bended Knee’. However, after being proficient at it and mastering the art, she decided to move on and start her own entertainment company. However, she has not been fairing all that well after the 2012 setbacks of her PR.

Austin St. John, an experienced martial artist featuring ‘Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’ after leaving the series in 1994, returned back in 1996 to the series and was starred in ‘Turbo.’ Mainly kenned as Jason Lee Scott: the role he played those days, Austin now 41 is still featuring as a guest star maintaining the same role in the same TV program (Power Rangers: Wild Force) after featuring in ‘Expose’ in 1998 as ‘Detective Anderson’s ‘The Lost Episode’ as ‘Power Ranger’ in 1999.