After a disastrous performance in Serbia, Amy Winehouse has canceled the next two dates on her European tour. She won’t make her appearances in Istanbul and Athens due to being unable to “perform to the best of her ability,” according to her publicist.

Winehouse was practically booed off stage at Belgrade where she stumbled through the words and caused many audience members to question her sobriety.

Winehouse recently completed a one week stint in rehab to prepare her for the tour, but may not have been enough.

Footage of the painful performances shows Winehouse hesitant to perform, pulling her backup singers to the main microphone and screeching high notes before carelessly walking offstage.

Hopefully, she can get her act together for herself and her fans before she performs next or else Winehouse will have to make a “Britney-like” comeback to regain her fans trust.

What do you think, were her performances really that bad? Do you think she was under the influence of drugs or alcohol? Tell us in the comments!

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