They’ve been saying it for a long time – “There’s no movie like a Muppets Movie!” Well finally we get to make that judgement for ourselves as ‘The Muppets’ trailer has finally arrived.

Akin to their name, The Muppets couldn’t resist acting like Muppets, teasing fans with a series of spoof trailers parodying ‘Green Lantern’ and ‘Hangover: Part Two’. Although humorous, as Jason Segal points outs, what were they hiding?

Leaked onto the net earlier than intended the first genuine trailer will delight fans as it embraces all things Muppet, including comical farting shoes, highly choreographed dance routines, kick-ass karate moves and Miss Piggy’s Kermit the frog love obsession.

Since their last joint venture, the Muppets have gone their separate ways. Miss Piggy is now a plus-size fashion editor, and Animal now -quite rightly- resides in an anger management clinic. However when the appropriately named Tex Richman wishes to destroy the old Muppets Theatre to drill for oil, avid Muppet fans Gary (Jason Segal) and Mary (Amy Adams) join forces with Kermit in an attempt to get the pack together, stage a charity Telethon, and save the theatre.

The Muppets Movie has a US release date of 23 November 2011. Unfortunately UK fans will have to wait until 17 February 2012 to get their Muppet fix.

Check out the trailer below.