One of the most popular film franchises in the history of movies has been the series featuring the character of Indiana Jones. All four of the films were directed by Steven Spielberg. However, it appears that his streak will come to an end if a fifth Indiana Jones movie ever gets made. A report recently came out that James Mangold is going to be taking over the helm of the next film in the series. It has been 12 years since the legendary archaeologist and adventurer was last on the big screen. Therefore, many people doubt that the fifth film will ever see the light of day. However, a script has been written.

According to Variety, there are many reasons why the next film has taken so long to get off the ground. First of all, the script has been rewritten several times. This is very common in the movie industry. However, the number to rewrites that this script has been subjected to is quite astonishing. There is also the fact that both Harrison Ford and Steven Spielberg have very busy schedules. This makes it hard to map out when the movie would be filmed even when the script is complete.

Disney is now the owner of the rights to Indiana Jones. The entertainment giant bought the rights to the characters when they acquired Lucasfilm. Paramount is the film that had released the previous four installments in the series. The most recent film was not loved by critics or audiences. However, the previous three films are considered to be classics in the action and adventure genre. The loss of Steven Spielberg is definitely a very serious blow. However, James Mangold is one of the best directors currently working in the movie industry. He will have no problem making a great Indiana Jones movie if he is given a good script.

It is not known when the project will be getting underway. However, there is no question that it is still moving forward. Disney would not be talking to James Mangold if they had no intention of making a new Indiana Jones film. The age of Harrison Ford has caused many people to question why he would be playing this character again. It is obvious that Disney feels the box office numbers for the film will be hurt if another actor dons the famous fedora and leather jacket. They are probably right about that.