The upcoming release of the latest film in the legendary James Bond series is causing a lot of excitement among fans of the secret agent. “No Time to Die” features Daniel Craig’s return to the iconic role. It is rumored to be the last time he will play the character. However, nothing has been confirmed at this time. The latest rumor about the movie itself concerns the sequence that will be shown before the opening credits. It is a tradition that every James Bond movie start with a very long and elaborate action set piece. It seems that the opening sequence in “No Time to Die” might be the longest one in the history of the franchise.

As you might expect, there has been no confirmation about the length of the opening sequence from any person associated with the film. It is typical that specific details of James Bond films are kept under very tight wraps before they are released to avoid people spoiling certain key moments. It is hard to imagine this film having a longer opening action sequence than some of the previous films in the series. It is believed that the “No Time to Die” opening will be roughly 20 minutes in length. However, “The World is Not Enough” currently holds the record for the longest opening sequence at 15 minutes.

There have been a few people who have seen a rough cut of the new film. They have raved about the quality of the action sequences. The trailers that have been released for the film have helped to generate a large amount of attention for it. There is a very good possibility that “No Time to Die” will have the biggest opening weekend of any film in the entire James Bond franchise. The first film in the series was released in 1962.

One of the few details about the new film is that Oscar winner Rami Malek will be playing the bad guy. He has said that it is a role that he has wanted for quite some time. He was being considered to play the bad guy in the previous James Bond film. However, a conflict with his schedule prevented that from happening. When he found that a new film in the series was being made, he told his agent to make sure that none of his other jobs conflicted with the shooting schedule of “No Time to Die.”