One of the most lucrative movie franchises of all-time is the one that is based on the toys known as the Transformers. There have been a number of movies made in the series and they all have been blockbuster hits. The most recent film was based on the character called Bumblebee. It came out one year ago. There are two new Transformers films that are officially in development. One of those films is a sequel to the Bumblebee film. It is not known at this time if Michael Bay will be directing either of the new films. He was the director of all the films in the series with the exception of the Bumblebee film.

One of the new Transformers films is going to be a reboot that will hopefully attract new viewers to the franchise. This is certainly the hope of Paramount. They are the studio that has produced all of the films up to this point. The films have been largely criticized for being heavy on special effects and light on story. The computer animation that is used to create the Transformers have often been taken to task for not being realistic enough to be convincing. The large budget of the films have also prevented them from making as big of a profit as Paramount investors would have liked. It is not known if the two new films are going to be as expensive to produce as the earlier ones.

The specific stories that each film will contain have not been revealed as of yet. Paramount obviously wants to keep the stories under wraps until they get further along in development. This is very common for tentpole films that have very big budgets and high expectations for studios. Paramount has not given any indication about when either of the new Transformers films will be in theaters. However, it is safe to say that we won’t be seeing then for a long time. The films take a long time to make because of the complicated special effects that are involved.

Despite the terrible reviews that the earlier Transformers films have received, there is still a lot of interest in the franchise on a global scale. Paramount is well aware of this. They are hoping the new films will get better reviews from critics and introduce a new generation of fans to the Transformers franchise. Only time will tell if that will happen.

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