The DC Extended Universe film starring the Flash may finally be on its way, according to a comment that one of the directors made on Twitter.

John Francis Daley, who has signed up for the movie alongside his frequent partner Jonathan M. Goldstein, was asked by a fan when he will have another movie out. Daley responded “If all goes well, sometime in 2020.”

He did not specifically mention the DCEU film, but that would seem to be his next project, so fans of the Flash have a reason to be hopeful.

The character (played by Ezra Miller) has already had cameos in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad, as well as a larger part in Justice League, but has had some trouble getting a solo film out. The project lost two directors (Seth Grahame-Smith and Rick Famuyiwa) and has gone through several scripts, by those two and the team of Phil Lord and Chris Miller. Originally planned for a March 2018 release, the film has been postponed indefinitely.

Even the subject of the film is open to question. After initially just being called The Flash, the movie title was changed to Flashpoint, the name of a major comic book event starring the character. Current word says that the title may be dropped, leaving fans wondering if it will still be based on the Flashpoint story. Current rumor says that the film will be inspired by Back to the Future, which had a somewhat similar plot if a rather different tone.

Only one DCEU film, Aquaman, is planned for this year, with Shazam and Wonder Woman 1984 coming out in 2019. Beyond that, there is only rumors; the DCEU has dozens of projects supposedly in the works, and word of which ones are being fast-tracked changes often. There are some indications that Warner Bros. is waiting to see how the next three films are received before deciding how to move forward.

The Flash film is certainly one possibility they could go for, especially since it is a project that has already been delayed so long. Though the plan seems to be to deemphasize the shared universe formula, the studio presumably wants to keep Justice League members like Flash in the public’s consciousness for any future crossover flicks.