Ryan Seacrest has always been super busy. Even as a child, he was interested in radio and television. But even more importantly, Ryan has always been dedicated to reaching his goals.

Raised in a middle-class family in the small suburb of Dunwoody, Georgia, Seacrest learned that hard work is crucial for success. He learned that lesson from his parents, Gary and Connie Seacrest. When he was a child, Connie, a stay-at-home mom, managed the responsibilities at home while his dad, Gary, was a successful lawyer.

You might not know this, but Ryan Seacrest used to be overweight as a young child. He wore glasses and was often teased. That’s why he preferred to stay inside the house and listen to the radio for hours. That’s when Ryan found fell in love with the radio. He used to listen to the announcers talk about everything and pretended he was one of them.

Can you imagine that? Little Ryan Seacrest pretending to be a celebrity and playing good music on the radio. When he was 10, Seacrest saved enough money from lawn-mowing and bought his first headset and audio mixer at Radio Shack. He used it to record popular tracks and impersonate his favorite DJs, Ricky Dees and Casey Kasem.

He would then distribute the cassette tapes to his parents to listen in the car and he even gave tapes to his school bus driver, who would play them on the way to school! Quite a young businessman!

Fast forward to the spring of 2016, when FOX decided to cancel American Idol. After 15 years in the entertainment industry, Ryan had no choice but to close this chapter of his life. As a host of the popular TV show, Seacrest had announced each winner and crowned some of America’s greatest artists, such as Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood!

After the show was canceled, Seacrest was on a much bigger quest. He was trying to figure out his next steps when he was given a chance to be a co-host on a daily show with his friend Kelly Ripa. Ryan said yes and the show was retitled to “Live with Kelly and Ryan.”

The job also meant that he would relocate to New York City. But right after accepting this exciting new offer, ABC Network offered Seacrest a huge contract to return to American Idol’s 16th season reboot. The question was whether Seacrest could work for both shows at the same time, with American Idol shooting in LA and Live with Kelly and Ryan being filmed in NYC?

Well, if you are Ryan Seacrest, then everything is possible! Seacrest accepted the offer and proved that he could fly to LA during the weekends and then take the red-eye Sunday nights to NYC and shoot Live Monday mornings. The busiest man in Hollywood is known for working on 10 different projects at the same time.

From his skin-care line to his newest radio show “On Air with Ryan Seacrest,” here are some of his most famous projects.

On Air with Ryan Seacrest

Ryan’s newest project, “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” is a syndicated radio program that has been airing since 2017. The daily morning radio show airs on Los Angeles top 40 station KIIS-FM and has a lot of fans! While Seacrest is already working in New York as a co-host of “Live with Kelly and Ryan” on ABC, the program continued to air live from 6AM to 10AM Pacific Time, with Ryan using a Manhattan studio.

One of the most popular segments of the show is the fictional ‘Ryan’s Roses,’ where listeners call in when they suspect their significant other is cheating. A member of staff calls the accused cheater and imitates a florist who wishes to offer them a dozen free roses to be sent to anyone they choose. The cheaters will usually send the flowers to the wrong person and that’s when the truth is revealed!

American Idol

Seacrest was first offered to host American Idol in 2002. The singing competition was based on the British series, Pop Idol, when the famous British producer, Simon Cowell, brought American Idol to the states.

Initially, Ryan was considered for a seat at the judge’s table, but Simon thought he would be better as a host of the show with Brian Dunkleman. Seacrest later became the only host of the show and quickly rose to fame as a major TV personality. For eight consecutive years, American Idol ranked number one in the US TV ratings.

This spring, audiences across the country waited for the new season of America’s longest-running singing competition on ABC that launched so many singers into stardom. Of course, we couldn’t wait to see the familiar face our long-time host, Ryan Seacrest!

Ryan Seacrest’s Polished and Distinction

Believe it or not, Seacrest is also good with skin care products. That’s why he teamed up with famous Beverly Hills dermatologist Dr. Harold Lancer and released a line of male skincare and grooming products called Polished by Dr. Lancer. The skin line consists of Dual Cleanse & Shave, Oil-Free Moisturizer with SPF 30, Daily Micro-Scrub, Anti-Aging Serum, and the Daily Lip Care balm with SPF 15. All these products with original formulas promise to fulfill the skincare needs men have.

But that’s not all. Ryan also has a line of suits called “Ryan Seacrest Distinction” that is sold exclusively at Macy’s! The suits are mid-priced and very simple to use. Namely, Seacrest’s label helped out its customers by having sewn some helpful tags into the suits. This “style made smart” color-matching system includes tags that are printed with the numbers 1-4, according to the color and style. With this system, you can hardly go wrong because it will always match! Smart, right?

Live with Kelly and Ryan

When Kelly’s former co-host announced that he was leaving the show to become a full-time co-anchor on Good Morning America, everyone wanted to know who is going to host the popular daily show with her. One year ago, Kelly announced that Ryan Seacrest would be her new co-host and the famous duo walked out on the Live stage. Hand-in-hand, two friends and colleagues opened a new chapter of the Live story and started their journey together. Once again, Ryan proved that he is perfect for every TV role, which made “Live with Kelly and Ryan” another success in his career.

Ryan Seacrest Foundation

And last, but not the least, Ryan Seacrest Foundation (RSF) was established in 2009. This nonprofit and charitable organization that aims to help and inspire young people through its entertainment initiatives. Ever since it was established, Ryan Seacrest Foundation has installed ten multimedia broadcast facilities, also called Seacrest Studios. The Studios enable their patients to explore all aspects of media and help kids enjoy the time they spend in the hospital.

The best part is that Ryan and his family work together on this project not because they have to, but because they feel the need to give back. And that’s one of the things that make this busy entrepreneur so great.