Millions of people across the world regularly use Netflix to watch their favorite TV shows and movies. Netflix was one of the first companies that began utilizing their streaming services to provide users with large amounts of digital content. Since the beginning of Netflix, it has come a long way from the early use of a DVD mailing system. However, it appears that this massive company is the target of a new emailing scam users need to be aware of. Here is more information about the recent Netflix email scam.

MSN reports that Netflix users are being targeted by emails claiming their subscription is about to be cancelled. Not only that, the series of emails being sent are asking Netflix users to update their personal credit card information. These emails are not, in any way, affiliated with the Netflix company but instead is an attempt to steal personal financial information from people. News of this scam comes at a time when Netflix is already dealing with a lot of controversy with the recent Kevin Spacey scandal.

Netflix users are being warned to look out for emails with the subject line “your suspension notification”. After a user opens the email and clicks a link, they’re redirected to a fake landing page that mimics the look of Netflix’s own website. Many people have been targeted by similar email scams that look to steal important user information. News of this latest scam is notable due to the fact that Netflix has an extremely large amount of active users. The end goal of this current email scam is to steal the login and financial information of over 110 million Netflix subscribers.

In closing, a recent email scam is looking to obtain personal information from Netflix subscribers. This email is not from the Netflix company but is made to appear as if it is. Users that open the email are asked to update their payment information in order to avoid suspension of service. After clicking the link in the email, users are taken to a website made to look identical to the Netflix user portal. The end goal of this email scam is to attempt to gain financial information from a database of over 110 million Netflix subscribers. Netflix subscribers are encouraged to be wary of any emails that claim to be from this massive streaming company.