Streaming services are working to change the way people watch programs. Services including Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime allow people to view movies and television shows on demand. The popularity and convenience of streaming services have helped to launch many successful programs. Recent news has been released stating that Amazon is the early favorite to secure rights for a major television project. Here is the latest information about a new television series based on the Lord of the Rings franchise.

Throughout the early 2000s, people flocked to movie theaters to watch the Lord of the Rings trilogy. These films first began in 2001 with The Fellowship of the Ring. In 2002, a sequel called the Two Towers was released and followed by the Return of the King, one year later. The Hollywood Reporter notes that this new television project is still in very early stages. It’s believed that the end of these recent lawsuits has allowed the Lord of the Rings franchise to see a new light in the entertainment world.

Many feel that a television program would be the perfect avenue for a new Lord of the Rings venture. Unfortunately, this project is still in very early stages. Considering that, there are no current confirmed people attached to this new television venture. However, Amazon has recently announced a huge focus on new streaming content for the near future. With that in mind, many feel that Amazon will do whatever is necessary, in terms of financing, to bring the Lord of the Rings to streaming capable devices.

In summary, a recent announcement was issued that a Lord of the Rings television show is in the works. No studio has been able to officially secure the rights to this new venture. Creator of the Lord of the Rings series, J.R.R Tolkien has been involved in profit lawsuits with film companies. Many feel that the announcement for a new Tolkien inspired television show is the result of the previously mentioned lawsuits coming to a close. This new project is in its early stages and will still need to find writers, directors, and other talents.