Since 1967, one of the most iconic magazines in the world has been Rolling Stone. Rolling Stone began as a hip magazine that was made for a younger generation. This magazine would continue to rise in popularity, becoming a household name. Many people remember going to the newsstands to see who landed on the new Rolling Stone cover. In recent years, a few things have happened that have caused this magazine to see a major decline in sales. A shocking recent announcement was made that Rolling Stone is going up for sale.

The New York Times reports that Jann Wenner, founder of Rolling Stone, is selling because it’s “the smart thing to do.” Many are finding Wenner’s departure to be oddly timed. In 2017, many major magazines have seen key staff members depart from their roles including Vanity Fair, Elle, and Time. Industry insiders feel that these departures are a sign that magazines are slowly becoming obsolete.

Rolling Stone did gain a bit of negative press throughout the years, especially during the 2000s. Readers buying Rolling Stone for music news felt it started to become a political magazine. Certain voters felt that Rolling Stone was one-sided when it came to party selection. One news article in the Rolling Stone would end up doing massive damage to the company. In 2014, an article about the University of Virginia would have three libel lawsuits presented against Rolling Stone. This article was a crucial misstep that many feel led to the magazine’s ultimate demise.

In summary, legendary magazine Rolling Stone is currently up for sale. Many feel that the sale of Rolling Stone is a sign of how far the print industry has fallen. Numerous studies find that people prefer to get their news from the internet. The invention of mobile devices has made getting news much easier than going to a newsstand. Others feel that Rolling Stone has become a publication that has lost its audience. Time will tell if Wenner is able to find a suitable new buyer for his magazine.