When you’re famous and putting a lot about your life out there on social media, you’ve got to be prepared for the good and bad things people will say as they hide behind their keyboards and type away.

Reality TV star Khloe Kardashian, 34, took off like a mama bear recently in defense of her baby daughter True Thompson. A supposed fan of the Kardashians tweeted Friday on Twitter that 12-week-old baby True was “not cute at all,” said a report in People magazine.

The comment was made to appear even harsher with the inclusion of a grimacing face emoji.

Khloe K. wasn’t going to take any criticism of her healthy, sweet baby, and on early Saturday morning, she blasted the female critic, a woman named Sam. The TV personality unleashed an arsenal of tweets slamming the “adult” for commenting on a baby’s appearance. Khloe called the critic a disgusting human being and pathetically miserable person in their own life.

Khloe went on to tweet that the mean woman is entitled to her opinion but to put it out on social media for the world to see was another thing.

Sam@Infinite_10vexo has since deleted the “not cute at all” tweet. In fact, the online bully has her own Twitter account tweets protected.

“Sam” had also quickly apologized on Twitter after being ripped apart by Khloe and numerous Kardashian fans. She said that she wasn’t thinking at all when she tweeted the comments, tagging Khloe Kardashian. “Sam” said she was sorry and should not have made the remarks.

Meantime, Khloe and the rest of the Kardashian and Jenner clan is used to both positive and negative reactions from fans and non-fans.

Khloe had recently informed social media that she was returning to work soon after giving birth to baby True. Her clothing line, Good American, keeps her busy, and Friday was her first day back. Her alarm went off at 4:35 AM.

She credits her partner Tristan Thompson, 27, for being a wonderful daddy and doing all the feedings while she’s on the job. The Cleveland Cavaliers NBA star has been living with Khloe in Calabasas, CA, during the off-season.

Tristan Thompson is the father to True Thompson and a son from a previous relationship. Prince is 18-months-old, and his mother is Jordan Craig.

Baby True was born on April 16th in Cleveland, OH.