The upcoming video game Spider-Man PS4 will provide fans with another chance to get into the mind and costume of Peter Parker, but this version will be in a different place in his life than in most adaptations.

Ryan Schneider, the chief brand officer of Insomniac Games, took some time to talk with Gameractor about this game’s take on the character.

“Our Peter Parker’s a little different, like he’s graduated college, he’s got a job, he’s not very tidy,” he explained. He has been working as a superhero for eight years, and he’s gotten pretty good at that, “but Peter Parker is still Peter Parker. He’s just trying to pay the bills, his love life is all over the map, his career is just getting started, and he’s just trying to figure out how to manage these relationships in his life.”

He added that that contrast—being “at the height of his game” but still confused—would be a major factor of Peter in this game.

Starting Peter off as an adult is, in some ways, a different take to what fans are used to. Spider-Man is probably the biggest example of a hero who started his superhero career as a teenager, but was never another character’s sidekick. Though the comic books were pretty quick to have him graduate high school and start college, nearly every other medium focuses on him as a minor; for example, he has starred in three film series since 2002, and all began with him in high school, as have the last three Spider-Man cartoons.

That said, it is interesting to compare the video game’s take to Sony’s upcoming film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. Despite Schneider’s comment that “you don’t have Spider-Man without Peter Parker first and foremost,” this version will star the lesser-known other Spider-Man, Miles Morales, with an older version of Peter as a mentor.

As for the game, it is getting a lot of positive buzz. Previews seem to indicate that a fair bit of it will involve Peter’s life outside of superheroics, and feature characters like Aunt May, Mary Jane Watson and the aforementioned Miles Morales, as well as the villainous Sinister Six. With Marvel already planning a crossover in the upcoming “Spidergeddon” event, there is a lot riding on this project turning out a success.

The game is set for release on September 7, 2018.

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